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The Big Bang Theory The Collaboration Fluctuation (HD, New, TV-PG) Leonard, Penny and Raj all try to get used to their new living situation; Sheldon begins to express more interest in the work Amy does.
The Great Indoors Cubicles (HD, New, TV-14) Jack's work begins to suffer as the juvenile antics of the millennials finally becomes too constant a distraction, so Brooke reacts by installing cubicles.
Mom Black Mold and an Old Hot Dog (HD, New, TV-14) Christy helps Jill be a foster mother; Bonnie experiences difficulties in trying to convince tenants that she is a building manager.
Life in Pieces Sleepover Dream Light Haze (HD, New, TV-PG) Matt and Colleen experience peculiar side effects of their sleep aid; Greg becomes upset when he discovers that Jen had a sexual dream about a family member.
The Amazing Race We're Coming For You, Phil! (HD, New, TV-PG) Twenty-two strangers gather together and are immediately tasked with competing in a challenge that determines how the two-member teams will be arranged.

Supernatural Ladies Drink Free (HD, New, TV-14) Sam and Dean allow Mick Davies to come along during their search for a werewolf, but when they run into Claire, they must help save her after being bitten.
Riverdale Chapter Eight: The Outsiders (HD, New, TV-14) Archie and his friends enter Southside Serpent grounds; Jughead is concerned about his friends reacting to his secret; Polly is hesitant to have a baby shower.
9 On Your Side on the CW (New)
Seinfeld The Comeback (HD, TV-PG) George struggles to invent the ultimate comeback to a quip made by one of his sarcastic co-workers; Elaine falls for a mysterious video rental clerk.

In the Heat of the Night The Hammer and the Glove (TV-14) Detective Tibb is taken aback after evidence surrounding the recent murder of two FBI agents and a crucial witness points to a former partner from Philadelphia.
Seraphim Falls (TV-MA, R, **+) In the 1860s, a Civil War veteran flees across the mountains of the American West in an attempt to evade a vengeful Confederate officer.
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